Featured Entrées

Grilled Pork Sausage | Nem Nướng is served with rice paper and vermicelli accompanied with pickled daikon/carrots and fresh greens
Mì gà Dòn is egg noodles in a light & flavorful broth served with fried chicken on the side
Cơm Tấm is "broken rice" served with your choice of meat(s),sliced tomato, cucumber, pickled daikon/carrots with fish sauce on the side.
Shrimp Cake | Bánh Khọt (7) is crispy rice cakes filled with shrimp & fish sauce on the side.

5. Shrimp Cake | Bánh Khọt (7)

11. Grilled Pork Sausage | Nem Nướng

32. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

1. Eggrolls | Chả Giò (2)

14. Cơm tấm Heo nướng, bì, chả & Tàu hỦ ky

4. Shrimp Springrolls | Gỏi Cuốn chạo Tôm (2)

2. House Eggrolls | Chả Giò Nhỏ (8)

21. Mì Gà Dòn

19. Hủ Tíu MỸ Tho

9. Bánh Bèo

10. Vietnamese Crepe | Bánh Xèo

18. Phở đặc biệt

22. Mì Hoành ThánH

24. Beef and Potatoes

27. Sweet and Sour Chicken

37. House Egg Foo Young

20. Mì Khô

Sweet Rice with Coconut | Xôi (3)