Featured Entrées

Grilled Pork Sausage | Nem Nướng is served with rice paper and vermicelli accompanied with pickled daikon/carrots and fresh greens
Mì gà Dòn is egg noodles in a light & flavorful broth served with fried chicken on the side
Cơm Tấm is "broken rice" served with your choice of meat(s),sliced tomato, cucumber, pickled daikon/carrots with fish sauce on the side.
Shrimp Cake | Bánh Khọt (7) is crispy rice cakes filled with shrimp & fish sauce on the side.

5. Shrimp Cake | Bánh Khọt (7)

11. Grilled Pork Sausage | Nem Nướng

31. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

1. Eggrolls | Chả Giò (2)

14. Cơm tấm Heo nướng, bì, chả, lạp xường & Tàu hỦ ky

4. Shrimp Springrolls | Gỏi Cuốn chạo Tôm (2)

2. House Eggrolls | Chả Giò Nhỏ (8)

21. Mì Gà Dòn

19. Hủ Tíu MỸ Tho

9. Bánh Bèo

10. Vietnamese Crepe | Bánh Xèo

18. Phở đặc biệt

22. Mì Hoành ThánH

24. Beef and Potatoes

25. Hot & Spicy Chicken

36. House Egg Foo Young

20. Mì Khô

baguette sandwich | bÁnh mÌ)

Sweet Rice with Coconut | Xôi (3)